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OxyOTT - OTT Multiband Dynamics Plugin

OxyOTT - OTT Multiband Dynamics Plugin

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  • VST3/AU Plugin For Windows & Mac
  • Up To 3 Parallel Activations
  • 80+ Factory Presets

Introducing OxyOTT, the ultimate Linear Phase OTT-style effect plugin. Closely replicates the famous OTT sound, popularized by modern EDM music, and greatly expands it with much requested and complementary features such as Linear Phase crossovers, split Mid/Side processing, Lookahead per band, up to 4x Oversampling, 3 different styles, an optional output Soft Clipper, versatile Sidechain options and much more.

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  • 3-Band Dynamics Allrounder

    Take in-depth control with two-sided dynamics on three bands. OxyOTT does it all: Downwards Compression, Upwards Compression, Gating, Expansion. Perfect for bass, synths, drums, vocals, mastering and more!

  • All The Flavours

    OxyOTT features three different styles - two that directly replicate the classic OTT effects and one extra. Each one includes both Peak and RMS versions and optional Soft Knee - just like you'd expect.

  • Granular Control

    While OxyOTT continues the legacy of the quick scaling options Amount and Time, it also allows you to adjust almost every little detail per band - including new additions like the range controls!

True To The Original

We've spent countless hours figuring out exactly what makes the original OTT effects sound the way they do - to provide you with a familiar place to start. Can you even tell the difference!?

Original OTT Preset
OxyOTT - Original 1 Preset
OTT Plugin
OxyOTT - Original 2 Preset

Keep Your Phase In Place

With the much requested Linear Phase feature you now have the option to use OTT with higher quality flat phase response crossover filters - no more shape-shifting of your bass frequencies!

50% Dry/Wet - Linear Phase Off
50% Dry/Wet - Linear Phase On

Stay Ahead

Classic OTT effects often produced results with transients still sticking out. With the newly added Lookahead feature in OxyOTT you can now decide exactly how much of that you want in your sound - per band! Smoothness ahead!

OxyOTT - Lookahead Off
OxyOTT - Lookahead 5ms

Make It Wide

Introducing Mid/Side OTT! OxyOTT can split your input into mid & side components and process each of them individually with independent OTT stages. Perfect for bringing out otherwise unheard details in your audio, a whole new dimension of what you can do with OTT!

OxyOTT - Mid/Side Off
OxyOTT - Mid/Side On

Punchy Beast

While OTT is commonly associated with increasing density, OxyOTT can also do the opposite with it's extensive multiband gating capabilities. Even heavily processed noisy drums can be turned super punchy by utilizing 3 bands of combined gating and compression.

Metal Drums - Off
Metal Drums - On

Hear It In Action

Euphoric Hardstyle Lead - Off
Euphoric Hardstyle Lead - On
Trance Pluck - Off
Trance Pluck - On
Hard Acid - Off
Hard Acid - On
Lead Stack - Off
Lead Stack - On
Track Master - Off
Track Master - On
  • Light & Powerful

    We've optimized the DSP code to be blazing fast, so you can use OxyOTT all throughout your project just like you're used to - of course with all the new features!

  • 80+ Presets Included

    To give you a headstart on your creativity, OxyOTT includes 80+ factory presets by amazing artists - perfect for exploring the plugin's capabilities!

  • Resizable GUI

    We made sure the plugin fits right with almost any screen and preference, with 7 different size settings.

  • Workflow Is Key

    OxyOTT includes many state of the art usability features like A/B states, Undo/Redo, user presets and more so you can work quickly and efficiently!

  • Detailed Customization

    OxyOTT comes with a theme editor that lets you adjust the color theme of the plugin to your liking.

  • Easy Activation

    Just activate your machine online once and keep going - no dongle required! Each license allows for activation on 3 of your own machines, deactivating is just as easy.

Free Demo

Want to try before you buy? We've got you covered!

The demo includes all the core plugin features, but has the following limitations:

  • No state saving or loading, except factory presets.
  • Output muted every now and then.
  • No A/B states.
  • No Undo/Redo.
  • No custom themes.
  • Mac

    • 64 Bit Apple Sillicon or Intel CPU. (OxyOTT has M1+ support)
    • macOS 10.13 or newer.
    • VST3 or AU host software.
    • 4GB or more RAM recommended.
    • 800x600 or higher resolution display.
    • Internet connection for activation.
    • (OpenGL support.)
  • Windows

    • 64 Bit Intel or AMD CPU.
    • Windows 10 or newer (64 Bit). (Older versions may work.)
    • VST3 host software.
    • 4GB or more RAM recommended.
    • 800x600 or higher resolution display.
    • Internet connection for activation.
    • OpenGL support.