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OxyMeteor - Spectral Phasing & Vocoding Plugin

OxyMeteor - Spectral Phasing & Vocoding Plugin

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  • VST3/AU Plugin For Windows & Mac
  • Up To 3 Parallel Activations
  • 100+ Factory Presets

OxyDSP presents OxyMeteor - the ultimate plugin for spectral manipulation.

Expand your sound design with deep phasers, colourful sparkle, spectral degradation and high-quality vocoding.

Control a periodic filter across 32 to 2048 frequency bands with two LFOs, smooth the sound using the Attack and Release controls and create a variety of effects with the vocoding modes, such as envelope following, whisperisation, texturisation, atmospheric reverb and sound-morphing.

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Spectral Phasing

Use two BPM-synced LFOs to modulate a spectral-periodic filter based on various shapes across up to 2048 frequency bands.

Imprint your sounds with deep squelches or rapid zippers & lasers.

Choose from a number of different modulation targets such as the X/Y axis, filter cycles, phase or scale and create pulsating stereo rhythms by using the Stereo offset.

Chromatic Rain

Combine the Filter Min and Max parameters with the Release smoothing and experiment with the band resolution to create a wide array of sounds, such as crystallic sparkles, magic water drops, pixelated madness or cold atmospheres.

Engage the self-vocode mode to create envelope following with an even more digital sound.

Vocoding & Texture

Use the built-in noise-vocoding to add texture to your synths & drums, turn voices into whispered screams or turn up the release to create lush reverbs and intense atmospheres.

Digitally degrade your sound with the self-vocoding mode or combine different sounds to create hyper-harmonized vocals or colour-infused drums & basses with the external vocoder input.

And the best part? The vocoding works together with all the other features and is combined with the LFO-modulated filter.

Customisable Filter

Experiment even further by not filtering with functions like sine, saw or triangle and instead draw your custom filter across the spectrum with your mouse or drag an image in to convert it to a filter for rapid new ideas.

The custom filter consists of 2048 points and is also still periodic, so it works just like a sine or saw when changing the frequency or phase.

Hear It In Action

Supersaw Chord - Dry
Ambient Loop - Dry
Voice - Dry
Drum Loop - Dry
Supersaw Chord - Bird Talk
Ambient Loop - Sparkling
Voice - Stereo Robot
Drum Loop - Degraded
Supersaw Chord - Atmo
Ambient Loop - Atmo
Voice - Whispered
Drum Loop - Noisy
Supersaw Chord - Lasers
Ambient Loop - Textured
Voice - Vocoded
Drum Loop - Vocoded
Supersaw Chord - Futuristic
Ambient Loop - Underwater
Voice - Reverb
Drum loop - Digital
  • Light & Powerful

    We've optimized the DSP code to be blazing fast, so you can use OxyMeteor all throughout your project.

  • 100+ Presets Included

    To give you a headstart on your creativity, OxyMeteor includes 100+ factory presets - perfect for exploring the plugin's capabilities!

  • Resizable GUI

    OxyMeteor's UI is fully vector-based to make sure it's always perfectly sharp and can be freely resized to your needs.

  • Workflow Is Key

    OxyMeteor includes many state of the art usability features like A/B states, Undo/Redo, user presets and more so you can work quickly and efficiently.

  • Detailed Customization

    Customize the theme colour by using the hue rotation in the settings and load custom backgrounds to the spectrum and LFO views.

  • Easy Activation

    Just activate your machine online once and keep going - no dongle required! Each license allows for activation on 3 of your own machines, deactivating is just as easy.

Free Demo

Want to try before you buy?

The demo includes all the core plugin features, but has the following limitations:

  • No state saving or loading, except factory presets.
  • Output muted every now and then.
  • No offline render.
  • No A/B states.
  • No Undo/Redo.
  • Mac

    • 64 Bit Apple Sillicon or Intel CPU. (OxyMeteor has M1+ support)
    • macOS 10.13 or newer.
    • VST3 or AU host software.
    • 4GB or more RAM recommended.
    • 800x600 or higher resolution display.
    • Internet connection for activation.
    • (OpenGL support.)
  • Windows

    • 64 Bit Intel or AMD CPU.
    • Windows 10 or newer (64 Bit). (Older versions may work.)
    • VST3 host software.
    • 4GB or more RAM recommended.
    • 800x600 or higher resolution display.
    • Internet connection for activation.
    • OpenGL support.