Cyberium - Aethral & oxygenetiX Essential Hardcore Sounds Vol.2

Cyberium - Aethral & oxygenetiX Essential Hardcore Sounds Vol.2

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  • 3700+ Files

Aethral & oxygenetiX present you Cyberium, the biggest UK/Happy Hardcore pack made to this date by far.

Dive deep into their cutting-edge Hardcore signature sound and take your production to the next level!

The pack comes in at a massive size of 3700+ files (4.1 GB) and includes an abundance of Drums, Basses, Loops, FX, MIDIs and Serum Presets.

Cyberium Includes:

  • 2500+ One Shots
  • 300+ Loops
  • 250+ Serum Presets
  • 200+ MIDIs
  • 20 Drop Kits (Finished Drops with Stems & MIDIs)

Ready To Produce All Modern Hardcore Styles:

  • UK/Happy Hardcore
  • J-Core, Techcore, Future Core
  • Freeform, Hypertrance, Hardtek
  • and much more!
  • BPM Range 140-235 (Focus 160-175)
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Instant Inspiration

Drop Kits & MIDIs

Quick start your next track with 20 ready-made Drops in a wide variety of signature & modern Hardcore styles.

Use them in their entirety, select individual stems, or learn how it's done by analyzing the indivdual components.

Browse through 200+ MIDI files to find the right inspiration and fill in the gaps in your songs.

The right sound for any song

The Perfect Kick

Cyberium comes with 40 Multisampled Kick Bodies which cover nearly every popular flavour and tonality of Hardcore kicks.

Simply find the right body for your track and pair it with with one of the included top kicks, the possibilities are near endless.

We've also included 130+ full kicks, ranging from solid shapes to modern Hardstyle-inspired lazer kicks.

Make your tracks bang

Bass Overload

Cyberium contains a massive library of bass sounds to charge your tracks with the right amount of energy.

Choose between Reverse Basses, Offbeat Donks or Rolling Basses from 50+ Multisampled Drop Basses and 25+ Single Drop Basses, or use the 60+ Drop Bass Serum Presets to create near endless variations and layers.

Additionaly, we've packed 130+ Growl & Dubstep Bass Shots which enable you to create the insane drops heard in modern hybrid genres like Techcore.

Highly Versatile

Serum Presets

With Serum being one of the most popular and versatile synths available, it was a no-brainer to fill the pack to the brim with our best signature presets, 250+ in total.

Create huge layered Hardcore Lead Stacks with 50+ Lead Presets and find the right sound for every situation with a large collection of Arps, Pads, Plucks, Basses, Drums and FX.

Each preset comes with all four Macros assigned to allow for maximum tweakability with ease.

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The Heaviest Kicks & Basses

Engineered to shake up any speaker

KickBass 19 170BPM F
KickBass 21 170BPM F
KickBass 07 170BPM D#
KickBass 06 170BPM D#
KickBass 10 170BPM E
KickBass 15 160BPM F
KickBass 18 170BPM F
KickBass 22 160BPM F#
KickBass 31 170BPM G
KickBass 42 170BPM G#
KickBass 52 175BPM A#
KickBass 53 175BPM A#
KickBass 32 170BPM G
KickBass 01 155BPM C
KickBass 02 160BPM C
KickBass 05 175BPM C

Detailed Drop Kits

Quick start your next track idea or learn how it's done with ready made drops - Stems & Midi Included

Drop Kit 19 Full 175BPM Fm
Drop Kit 03 Full 175BPM Cm
Drop Kit 02 Full 175BPM Emaj
Drop Kit 19 Drums 175BPM
Drop Kit 03 Drums 175BPM
Drop Kit 02 Drums 175BPM
Drop Kit 19 Synths 175BPM Fm
Drop Kit 03 Synths 175BPM Cm
Drop Kit 02 Synths 175BPM Emaj
Drop Kit 19 Bass 175BPM Fm
Drop Kit 03 Bass 175BPM Cm
Drop Kit 02 Bass 175BPM Emaj

Tight Drum Loops

Easily give your Tracks the right backbone with Ready made Loops and Fills

Full Loop Hardcore 13 175BPM
Signature Full Loop Irresoultion 175BPM
Full Loop Hardtek 1 200BPM
Signature Full Loop Chill Saikai 170BPM
Snare Roll 11 175BPM
Snare Roll 16 175BPM
Main Fill 06 170BPM
Main Fill 13 175BPM
Amen Fill 04 170BPM
Top Loop 09 170BPM
Drop Percussion Loop 09 175BPM
Kick Roll 06 235BPM

Beautiful Atmospheres

Create Lush Soundscapes and Impressive Breakdowns With the Atmosphere & Background Loops

Background Loop 37 182BPM G#m
Background Loop 26 190BPM Em
Background Loop 41 174BPM Fm
Background Loop 13 175BPM Bm
Background Loop 25 175BPM Bmaj
Background Loop 04 175BPM C#maj
Background Loop 21 175BPM D#m
Background Loop 02 175BPM Bm
Energy Loop 05 175BPM D#m
Atmosphere Loop 28 175BPM D#m
Atmosphere Loop 2 175BPM D#m
Atmosphere Loop 26 175BPM Cm

One Shot Staples

Do the detail work with high quality Drum & FX one Shots

Dubstep Snare 15 Bm
DnB Snare 01 C
Clap Snare 04 C#
Hard Clap 14
Off Clap 15
Crash 16
Bass Shot 039 175BPM D#
Bass Shot 047 175BPM D#
Bass Shot 066 160BPM F
Sweep Down 18 175BPM
Sweep Up 06 175BPM
Riser 24 175BPM F
  • 1200+ Drum Shots

    • 130+ Kicks
    • 60+ Kick & Bass
    • 40x18+ Multi Kick Bodies
    • 30+ Top Kicks
    • 120+ Snares
    • 50+ Cymbals
    • 50+ Claps
    • 15+ Toms
  • 1200+ Bass Shots

    • 5x18+ Signature Multi Basses
    • 25x18+ Reverse Multi Basses
    • 15x18+ Rolling Multi Basses
    • 10x18+ Offbeat Multi Basses
    • 4x18 Breakdown Multi Basses
    • 2x18 Hands Up Multi Basses
    • 25+ Single Hardcore Basses
    • 130+ Growl & Dubstep Shots
  • 150+ FX Shots

    • 30+ Impacts & Sub Drops
    • 25+ Risers
    • 25+ Sweeps Up & Whooshes
    • 20+ Sweeps Down
    • 25+ FX Fills
    • 10+ Reverses
    • 10+ Verb Claps
    • 5+ Transitions
  • 130+ Drum Loops

    • 30+ Full Loops
    • 30+ Top Loops
    • 25+ Percussion Loops
    • 25+ Snare & Kick Rolls
    • 15+ Crash Loops
    • 10+ Metal Drum Loops
  • 80+ Drum Fills

    • 20+ Main Fills
    • 10+ Roll Fills
    • 10+ Tom Fills
    • 15+ Glitch Fills
    • 10+ Metal Fills
    • 10+ Amen Fills
  • 110+ Melodic & Ambient Loops

    • 40+ Atmosphere Loops
    • 40+ Background Loops
    • 10+ Ambience Loops
    • 10+ Energy Loops
    • 5+ Guitar Loops
  • 20 Drop Kits (350+ Files)

    Each Drop Kit comes with:

    • Stems.
    • MIDI files.
    • List of Samples/Presets used.
  • 250+ Serum Presets

    • 100+ Bass Presets
    • 50+ Lead Presets
    • 20+ Arp Presets
    • 20+ Pluck Presets
    • 10+ Pad Presets
    • 20+ Screech & Hoover Presets
    • 20+ FX & Drum Presets
  • 200+ MIDI Files

    • 50+ Lead MIDIs
    • 40+ Background MIDIs
    • 100+ Drop Kit MIDIs
    • 10+ Guitar & Misc MIDIs

About The Artists

Both having 10+ years of Hardcore production experience under their belt each, Aethral & oxygenetiX have become household names in the scene.

They've been working closely together on various projects for the past 5+ years and have greatly influenced the sound of the genre with their previous sample packs, which can be heard in many popular tracks by other well-known artists.

Cyberium continues this legacy and takes it to the next level, bigger, better, newer.

They consistently release banging Hardcore tracks on respected labels in their distinct signature sound.

Listen to their most recent works in the playlist:

  • Aethral

    Aethral's sound is a distinct blend of Anime & Game OST influences, as well as modern J-Core, Freeform and Drum & Bass.

    He regularly releases on labels such as MEGAREX, Exobolt, Hypernight, and many others, and has gained recognition for his unique take on the Techcore style.

    His music has also been officially featured in rhythm games such as osu!.

  • oxygenetiX

    oxygenetiX' sound is heavily influenced by both classic and modern European Trance and Hard Dance styles, as well as various J-Core styles.

    He is known for high attention to detail when engineering tracks & sounds, to make sure they sound as solid as possible.

    He is the main developer behind Pro-Audio plugins such as OxyOTT, which is well regarded by many top EDM producers.